Ufone Free Internet New Offer Code 2022

If you are a Ufone subscriber, you can get free internet access by dialing *987#. There are only 20,000 codes available for this offer, and they are valid for a limited time. To redeem the code, you must first register with Ufone. To receive the free internet access, dial *987# on your Ufone mobile phone. Afterwards, enter the code to get started with the internet.

Ufone 4G

If you are thinking about using Ufone’s free internet package, you are in luck. Its new web application uses a simple USSD code to activate the offer. You can also use the free SMS combo to send free SMS. There are only 20,000 free codes available, so you should grab one right away! Here’s how to use it! Continue reading to learn more. Ufone’s free internet package code 2022 works as long as you’re a Ufone subscriber!

The first package offers 500MB of Internet data. The second one offers 2GB of social-network data for Rs150. You can subscribe to either offer by dialing *220# or *260#. Both offers are available for a 30 day period. Ufone also offers a 7-day subscription of the Ufone Weekly Heavy 4G package. Ufone Monthly Max includes 2GB of Social Bundle and 3500 SMS for Rs1560.

The next offer is the Ufone SIM Lagao deal. If you’re a Ufone subscriber, this offer gives you 1000 free SMS for all networks as well as 500 MB of WhatsApp for Rs6. You must recharge your phone with Rs60 or more to activate this offer. You can use the data in this offer only once. You can also use this code to enjoy free internet data for fourteen days.

Ufone Daily Package

Ufone provides different broadband internet packages at reasonable prices. It also offers free data for various social media websites. Users enjoy high-speed internet. While browsing the internet, they should keep in mind that the speed will vary depending on the factors like location, time, and device. To check your remaining bucket data, dial *706#. The default tariff for internet is Rs. 2.75 + tax per MB. In case of excess data usage, 512KB charging plus tariff applies.

To use this offer, customers should have a mobile broadband connection. The Ufone Free Internet New Offer Code 2022 will give them access to the internet. Ufone also offers free SMS and data MBs for existing customers. This offer is valid for 60 days. Ufone offers various free internet packages. The most popular method of using mobile broadband is proxy. The procedure is similar for all mobile companies, but the values vary slightly.

To activate the package, you need to have a valid Ufone SIM. It is valid for 60 days and offers 3000 minutes of free on-net usage and 3000 SMS to other networks. You can also activate your monthly social package by dialing *5000#. To access Ufone’s free internet, you must download a slow DNS app from Google Play or the play store. This will allow you to access the internet on Ufone mobile devices.

Ufone Mega Internet

If you’re looking to sign up for a free internet package, Ufone has the right plan for you. Their new offer code, Ufone Mega Internet New Offer Code 2022, gives you a 30-day validity. This package has a total of 3Gb free internet data, and 3000 SMS credits. To access the free internet, you simply have to dial *987#.

With Ufone’s new offer code, you can get 100 MB for free, and 150 MB every other day. There are also two packages that include free social bundles. The Daily Higher package allows you to use 500 MB of social media per day and 75 MB of other stuff. To subscribe to these packages, dial *2258. You can also opt for the Daily Light Bundle, which lets you use 50 MB of data per day and costs just Rs. 12.

Another new offer code from Ufone offers a 50 MB free internet bundle. This deal is for moderate and regular internet users. It lets you surf the web, stay connected to social networking, and check the latest news. And, if you’re not a heavy user, it’s just enough to surf Facebook and Whatsapp without interruption. You can also take advantage of the Ufone Mega Internet New Offer Code 2022 by dialing *260#. The good thing is, you can use the code at anytime you want.

Ufone Super Card Max

The Ufone Super Card Max New Offer Code 2020 is available for prepaid users and entitles you to a whole month of internet and social media usage for just Rs 799. This deal is valid only for prepaid users and the user can subscribe by dialing the subscription code *629# from the Ufone SIM. The package remains valid for 30 days and can be reactivated as per your convenience. It does not carry any hidden charges and you can avail the offer anytime you want.

The Ufone Super Card Max offers 10GB of Internet data for a week for just Rs. 280. This offer also allows you to use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. In addition to this, you can also make calls to other networks for free and use their voicemail for free. To avail this offer, you just need to dial the *220* code. You can choose the package that suits your need and budget.

The Ufone Super Card Max comes with several freebies, including free SMS, Internet data, and minutes. You can even enjoy unlimited surfing and downloading with the help of the Ufone Super Card. You can also enjoy a free trial period of 3 months by dialing the unique code 2022. This offer is valid only for new subscribers and does not apply to existing customers. Just be sure to check the details of this offer before you subscribe.

Ufone Weekly Heavy Offer

If you are a heavy internet user and are looking for a good deal on your monthly data plan, Ufone has something for you! The Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet package offers you a generous 14GB of data on a recharge of Rs. 230 or more! This deal is powered by thrilling 4G speeds, and it provides a matchless user experience. To subscribe to the Ufone Weekly Heavy Internet Package, simply dial *270#.

The weekly heavy internet package is a good choice for internet users on a budget. It offers 14GB of data for a single week, with no limit on how much you can download. You can even use this data on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for free! The best part is that this offer is available for all commercial prepaid plans. It’s a great deal for the money. All you have to do is dial *270# to subscribe and start enjoying unlimited data and cheap rates.

Another good deal from Ufone is the Weekly Light 3G plan. This plan allows you to access the internet at anytime during the week, and you can enjoy unlimited SMS messages to any network. You can even browse the internet at night, while your kids watch movies. The best thing about this offer is that there’s no time limit and it’s available for all prepaid customers. It’s a great deal for all mobile phone users who want to stay online for a full week.

Ufone Monthly Heavy Offer

If you are looking for free internet, you’ve come to the right place. Ufone offers many free services for Eid, but the new offer code is only available for prepaid subscribers. The best part is, there are only 20,000 codes available, so you have time to find a code that works for you. To access the code, simply dial *987#. You’ll be prompted to enter the code after you’ve entered the number.

The Ufone Daily Internet Package includes up to 100 MBs of social media data per day for just Rs. 6. You can subscribe to this offer by dialing *4422#. In addition, the Ufone Internet Max Offer gives you access to 25GB for 7 days for just Rs70. If you’d like to browse the Internet for longer than one day, the Daily Heavy Offer is a great choice.

If you’re interested in the latest freebies, then be sure to take advantage of Ufone’s free internet offer code. This code is available for new Ufone customers only. It’s valid for a month and is valid for all Ufone social media platforms. You should use the free data as soon as possible to avoid data expiry. If you want unlimited data, the Ufone Sim Lagao Offer is also a great choice. The newbies can enjoy unlimited surfing for 14 days.

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