Can I Crack IAS in 1 Year?

Can I Crack IAS in 1 Year?

Can I crack IAS in 1 year

If you are serious about becoming an IAS, then it is not impossible to become one in a year. However, achieving big dreams like these requires tremendous amount of hard work, honesty, faith, and sacrifice. As a matter of fact, there are lakhs of youth who dream of becoming an IAS. And they do not need to worry; it is completely possible. Just read this article and you will get to know what you have to do to achieve your dream in less time.

ClearIAS TTT approach to crack IAS

It is advisable to spend more time focusing on these 3Ts than on studying the other two. You may end up spending more time and money later. Using a single source such as ClearIAS can ensure you get the right amount of preparation and resources. You must know your subject and syllabus and make the best use of available resources. You should also follow a realistic schedule so that you can devote at least 8 hours per day to preparing for the IAS exam.

Initially, make a schedule and stick to it. Allot 1.5 to two years to prepare for the exam. However, there are some who have cleared the exam with only a year’s preparation. The key to success is making sure you manage your time effectively. Once you’ve figured out how much time you’ve got, start preparing for the exam. Once you’ve done so, you can focus on the other aspects of the exam.

Taking up a timed mock test is an effective way to prepare for the exam. These tests are timed and have negative marking. They help you improve your knowledge of NCERT history and prepare you for the exam. It also helps you practice the exam by solving 100 most likely questions within two hours. There are many other ways to prepare for the IAS exam. ClearIAS offers several methods to prepare for the exam.

Study plan for IAS

The first step towards cracking the IAS exam is to understand the nature of the IAS exam. In recent years, the importance of the exam has increased due to the increasing complexities of government policies. The good news is that most of the questions asked in the exam can be answered with some careful studying. To start with, you should begin answering the questions by reading good magazines and government reports. After reading the reports, you can join a mains test series for a practical practice of answer writing.

Next, you should understand the UPSC syllabus. The syllabus is quite comprehensive and covers all aspects of the exam. As for the UPSC exams, your limited resources will play a major role in your selection. That is why it’s important to study systematically. To prepare effectively for the exams, you can make use of resources such as Chegg. This company offers digital and physical textbook rentals, online tutoring, and other study tools.

After selecting a study plan, you should begin preparing for the examination. It’s important to make sure that you are focusing on the subjects you’re most interested in. You should also make sure that you have the time to complete your syllabus quickly. Ideally, you should spend 10 to 12 hours a day preparing for the examination. To help yourself achieve success, make sure you allocate a certain amount of time each day for your IAS preparation.

A study plan for IAS to crack IAS in one year is the best way to ensure success. It should be a phase-wise plan, which combines all the necessary study components and tests. Your plan should include the required optional subjects, daily readings and current affairs, NCERTS consolidation, mock tests, and preparation for the mains. Every student should have a study plan for the IAS examination.

You should prepare for the UPSC IAS exam for a minimum of two months before the actual exam. Your study plan should consist of studying basic subjects and current affairs, solving mock tests every day, and analysing the test at the same time. While the Prelims exam is the most important exam, you should also begin preparing for the Optional subjects as well. Completing the optional subjects will help you revise the syllabus quickly after the Prelims. This will cut down on the gap between the Prelims.

GK and current affairs preparation

Aim to prepare for the IAS exams by focusing on GK and current affairs. The prelims of the IAS exam is the first gateway to the selection process. Keeping in mind the common topics that are included in all the general studies papers, the best approach is to focus on core subjects and the interlinking of subjects. To find out which segments will have direct questions, you can focus on these topics.

General knowledge and current affairs are an essential part of the UPSC exam, and there is no substitute for thorough preparation. The UPSC exam will test your knowledge of current events and national news, as well as your social responsibility. Keeping up to date with recent news will develop your interest and memory. Furthermore, the GK and current affairs syllabus is not static. You need to keep updated with the most important happenings of the last six months to do well in the exam.

You can also subscribe to a general current affairs magazine such as India Today. The daily general knowledge quiz includes questions from previous year competitive exams and is in multiple choice format. The daily quiz feature allows you to track the highest scorers on a daily basis. You can also challenge your friends to take the quiz and see how you fare. If you are serious about preparing for the IAS exam, GK and current affairs are an important part of your preparation.

Reading newspapers regularly and keeping yourself updated on the latest happenings in the world will increase your knowledge of current affairs. It is also helpful to watch news on a regular basis. Having a visual representation of the news is much easier to remember than reading it. There are many magazines that offer analysis on current affairs. You can also browse through them online as pdf files. The key to success in the GK and current affairs section is to read and practice.

Besides general knowledge, current affairs and UPSC-related subjects are essential for the exam. To prepare for the GK and current affairs section of the UPSC examination, you must follow a strict schedule for the subject. You should only allocate limited time each day to reading newspapers and the news summaries from the internet. Once a month, prepare a compilation of current affairs. Do not spend more than two hours per day on current affairs, as this will only waste time and not help you prepare effectively for the UPSC civil services examination.

UPSC personality test preparation

If you want to crack IAS in a year, then you have to prepare for the UPSC personality test. These questions may not be related to your academic field. You can prepare for them by reading widely and gaining knowledge across the world. Here are some tips to prepare for the test. Do not be shy when you say that you do not know. You should be confident and cheerful even if you do not know something. You should also read as much as you can and do not limit yourself to any particular subject. Try to gain knowledge about things that are happening around the world.

The UPSC Personality Test carries 275 marks. In order to get a better rank, you must score at least 60 in this test. The duration of the test depends on the nature of the questions. The marks you get in this test are added to your overall score in the Mains exam. After qualifying the Mains, you can sit for the Interview. The Personality Test panel consists of five members. One of them is the Chairman of the Board. The other four members are experts in various fields of public service.

You should know the exam weightage and time duration of the exam so that you can plan your study schedule accordingly. It is also crucial to know what your weaknesses are and formulate a strategy accordingly. You can do this by utilizing online textbook rentals, tutorials, and other student services. A solid plan will help you crack IAS in a year. The UPSC personality test is the first step to a brighter future. And if you can make it to the next level, you can be sure that you can crack the exam with ease.

A good UPSC personality test preparation will involve reading daily newspapers, current affairs stuff, and other resources related to current affairs. Additionally, it will be helpful to read a daily newspaper or magazine or download mobile apps so you can be updated daily. This way, you can focus on the questions that will show your interest and intelligence. You can even focus on the topics that are relevant to your field. You can also prepare for the Main Exam before you begin your Mains.

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